V Swiss is a young and energetic company with the most powerful New Retail Business model that bring business from O2O (Online to Offline or vice versa). We are a team of professionals who has more than 20 years of experiences in health industries.

In 21st century, medical technologies are developing in a rapid pace, however, human's health has not much improvement compared to the past. Chronic diseases are the main killers among our family members and friends. In V Swiss, we acknowledge the fact that the human's health issue can be tackled by understanding a proper and correct health knowledge and by taking the right nutritional food. We strongly believe the Prediction, Preventive, Precision and Personalization (4P's) Health Management will bring tremendous benefit to human and prolong human lifespan.

Our Vision and Mission

Vision of V SWISS

We would like to build a platform to convert a traditional business model to a new retail business model and create more opportunities and choices to the market. We are aiming to be the Number 1 Health Management Company that provides high quality Food Supplements with excellent sales services. Our unique business and marketing plan offers everyone the opportunity to achieve their life goals.

Mission of V SWISS

In V SWISS, we treat everyone as our partner. We believe partners are our most valuable assets, whether employees, distributors or customers. Our mission is to help every V SWISS partner achieve Health, Wealth and Happiness, thereby enjoying comfortable and prosperous life with families and friends. Our commitment is to help all our partners lead a more fulfilling and comfortable life.

V Swiss, the way to achieve Optimal Life

Our GOALS - to achieve Optimal Life, include:

Step 1:
Health Goal

Health is the number 1 goal of V SWISS in Optimal Life. If we lose our health, we will not be able to enjoy many meaningful things in life. In V Swiss, we firmly believe that our ranges of Nutritional Food Supplements would help us in managing our health and thereby achieve our Optimal Life.

Step 2:
Wealth Goal

In V SWISS, we operate in both Online and Offline business platforms in order to facilitate the functions of the business. We strongly believed that our business model's different from the traditional business model, will enhance your income. We strive to create a platform that is able to fulfil your potential with financial freedom.

Step 3:
Family Goal

Family is the most basic unit of any society – bringing us love, support, care and culture. Family inculcate firm and positive values in us, lays the foundation to our growth, and empowers us to continue to improve. V Swiss respect and support family goals.In V Swiss, we believe family goals are an important element for us to achieve our Optimal Life.

Step 4:
Learning Goal

We believe learning is infinite, no matter how old you are as knowledge is endless and priceless. In V SWISS, we bring in many health knowledges as we want to send the message to urge everyone to pay more attention to our health, thereby managing it to achieve our Optimal Life.

Step 5:
Social Goal

There is more blessing in giving than in receiving. We encourage all of us to contribute back to society, by showing and spreading the seeds of compassion and love and return our gratitude to the society and world.